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2♡♡8daughters Überall for BAZZAR
Group show curated by Preliminari Group, Localedue, Bologna
Tuta: metallo, poliestere, poliammide, plastica


2♡♡8daughters fitting lovely Young Sun
Cycling glove: fake suede, fake neoprene, polyamide mosquito net
↭quαsh ℰvℯry weℯk iηt∞↝a ⅆαy for Iris Touliatou's soloshow
Can You Wash The Water, Duve, Berlin
Cycling glove in soap


Pℴℓℯ Pℴℓℯ (Tile Project Space, Milan / Soundrack by Charlotte Simon) at KIN*K Kino Kapriziös, Berlin

2008daughters' ℏ∂ℓƒ 00ƒ mℯ in Beth Dillon‘s publication
Should I have stayed home, and thought of here?
55 Sydenham Rd Marrickville NSW 2204 AU, Sidney

Photo by Bennie Julian Gay
2008daughters' ↭quαsh ℰvℯry weℯk iηt∞↝a ⅆαy
at Iris Touliatou's soloshow Can You Wash The Water, Duve, Berlin
all photos here 2🍈🌀8
From skin to skin. Forget to vaccinate your body & instead melt yourself with a skinny skin. Shifting through an environmentalist’s watch that looks onto foamy time. Stretch your own boundaries with a daily practice that humanizes objects, shift every moment into subjects. Refreshing with armpit sweat the stinky oil that greased cyclist lovers’ smiles, cars stink!🚲

pre-fitting with an other photographer with m for 2008daughters

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