2♡♡8 shirts for TWOONKY live at Sameheads, Berlin

2♡♡8daughters performance with Isamit Morales, Gher, Vittoria Assembri, Lucie Bibal in
Reading Fall'16 & Parallel Pictures publication launch at Almanac Inn in Turin


2♡♡8daughters Überall for BAZZAR
Group show curated by Preliminari Group, Localedue, Bologna
Tuta: metallo, poliestere, poliammide, plastica


2♡♡8daughters fitting lovely Young Sun
Cycling glove: fake suede, fake neoprene, polyamide mosquito net
↭quαsh ℰvℯry weℯk iηt∞↝a ⅆαy for Iris Touliatou's soloshow
Can You Wash The Water, Duve, Berlin
Cycling glove in soap


Pℴℓℯ Pℴℓℯ (Tile Project Space, Milan / Soundrack by Charlotte Simon) at KIN*K Kino Kapriziös, Berlin

2008daughters' ℏ∂ℓƒ 00ƒ mℯ in Beth Dillon‘s publication
Should I have stayed home, and thought of here?
55 Sydenham Rd Marrickville NSW 2204 AU, Sidney

Photo by Bennie Julian Gay
2008daughters' ↭quαsh ℰvℯry weℯk iηt∞↝a ⅆαy
at Iris Touliatou's soloshow Can You Wash The Water, Duve, Berlin
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From skin to skin. Forget to vaccinate your body & instead melt yourself with a skinny skin. Shifting through an environmentalist’s watch that looks onto foamy time. Stretch your own boundaries with a daily practice that humanizes objects, shift every moment into subjects. Refreshing with armpit sweat the stinky oil that greased cyclist lovers’ smiles, cars stink!🚲

pre-fitting with an other photographer with m for 2008daughters

cooking with Irene

*all photos here Pℴℓℯ Pℴℓℯ

2008daughters with Alice Bachmann, Aurora Bertoli, Nicole Colombo,
Francesco Costanzo, Annalisa Deligia, Luca Loreti, Giovanni Riggio
Tile Project Space, Milan
Soundrack by Charlotte Simon

My perception of clothes is what’s built around the body of one specific person
Interviewed by Zsuzsanna Toth about 2008daughters for Seek Magazine n°2, created by the lovely Cee Cee

ⅅirtyℳ℮ss analyses the production space: a tiny room hosts about ten people who are busy in different activities at the same time. The leitmotiv is making wearable objects. The surrounding and the tools coordinate the people in a choreography with(out) dance. These movements slow down the act of producing while the makers are unwittingly constructing their living space. 2008daughters Open Call three days workshop for Dirty Wellness curated by Francesca Zedtwitz-Arnim and Liam Tickner, L'Atelier-ksr, Berlin
Love participants: Clara Maria Alisch, Karim Alameddine, Anonymous, Bianca Deng, Nola Diekel, Beth Dillon, Witalij Frese, Mattia Norbiato, Maurizio Sorsi, Cristiano Tassinari, Matteo Visentin * Check here for more

Dj2♡♡8 Mit Dem Office Du Pain Ins Neue Jahr, FFM
the office, the no pain, the 1/2 dancer and the 1/2 dj

Dj Arletka



Jan A


2008daughters with m

A penguin I contributed to play in Il Gioco dell’Oca di Marco Colombaioni with Cherimus, Macro & Maxxi, Rom And a jelly fish

Mixed some music for Derek Di Fabio's ᵞS╚◭ℵ⊅∿ underground scene text by Isamit Morales interpreted by Francesca Mussi
with a wine splash at Almanac Inn in Torino

Djing with chca aka 2~wbay on the Dreimetterbrettern auf der Breminale
Und auch zum ersten Mal @ PHUTURE ==) tunnel kids ☹

Zeit verschwenden, english: job center

͇͇\|̶͇̿ ̶͇̿ ͇̿SEW U ! ̿ ̿ 2008daughters during Yslands at Almanac Inn in Torino How is the shore who divides us?
A workshop that splits a single action in a coordination of slabs.
Two islands are brushing against each other,
one is a sewing machine on a market trolley,
the other is an office desk with wheels.
Their slabs are getting closer to each other,
floating connections run by electric long cables.
Their borders are touching, wooden sound,
the machine is sewing a dress on the body of who wears it.
The action is broken down between a group of people,
the procedure of construction of the shell requests
the coordination of everyone involved in it.
The space is circumscribed by sail textiles,
the sails trembles as the air pass
from the courtyard to the street.

Big machine's sample neoprene bag I made for my friends what if

In the end the ☁ Waterfalls disappear as there is no fabric left
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2♡♡8 F◯RCELLA Performance in a song by clothes for Isamit Morales’ Alps Covers Tour
Private venue, Corso Giulio Cesare, Torino
SOAP, Milano
Sonnenstube, Lugano

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Erinnerte Zukunft

Erinnerte Zukunft
Photos: Björn Behrens
Make Up/Hair: Hanna Strohschein and Dimitri
People: Elena, Emily, Harm

Back to ground cover a sound the lunch with him a girl in my skin ein Garten auf dem Dach ich am lachen in der Nacht tagsüber bin ich long winded by being reminded of times i could have might have to belong to that lie but the need lies in my past Präsenz of the zukünftigen Vergangenheit that is to happen soon in time actually i am to begin to start a drive a skate boarded under my feet up from a hill down in south france to strand in my hometown on that journey to there so much car pollution in my right lobe of the lung is deleting my blood to flow but my left right now is running like a girl schlotternd gehetzt von einem Gewitter das da oben am Himmel um sie herum tobt und ist waiting for the composition of the zersplitternden Glühbirne genau in time.


Knight Life
Photos: Tobias Gratz
People: Sonja, Horst, Elena, Verena

contra versus post a night in the knight takes his light to reflect his brutal do
play force repeat construe stop flow forward and rewind boom to get out
cut a shout a girl's loud new about she has a wish to know doubt it now
in trouble legs go right on let's feed our shirts to ears ago and neverless
do adventure hastes me when i played the tune on i thought when is
it going to start i felt what happens when nothing happens to start
stucked in nothing not even stars cars passing my girlfriend is
dressing he is depressing me i am crashing off in a romantic
smooth of nothing loosing my bless i touch ice at white
night dust lies then this morning on a river which
covers my home so me he d i why believe in
crownclown lazy of jewels he owns and
she knows a boy around who cannot
bring it loud then i see a rainbow
of my blow she has a dream to



Photo: Tobias Gratz


Photo: Johannes Assig

zick zack

il mio fratello maggiore